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Enhancing wayfinding and hygiene at clinic

At Parkway Health Clinic, a significant refurbishment project was undertaken, necessitating the specification of high-quality materials that would not only meet the functional requirements of a healthcare environment but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and wayfinding efficiency. Trovex, renowned for its wide array of vibrant colours and hygienic finishes, was chosen for this task, bringing a new level of coherence and usability to the clinic's design.

Hygidoor in purple and blue
Trovex Hygpod IPS and purple wall cladding
Hygipod IPS wash hand basin
Hygidoor in smooth gloss PVC finish fire-rated doors
Hygipod IPS and Diamond wall cladding in orange
Hygipod IPS in lime green and wall cladding

Project overview

The refurbishment at Parkway Health Clinic was ambitious, focusing on the reconfiguration of the clinic's internal layout to optimise space utilisation. A pivotal aspect of this transformation was the introduction of a new wing dedicated to providing specialised Diabetes services, marking a significant expansion in the clinic's capacity to cater to patient needs.

Design and implementation

Central to the design concept was the use of themed colour schemes for each consulting room, a strategy aimed at improving wayfinding for patients. This approach leverages colour as a navigational aid, making it easier for patients to locate and remember their intended consulting room.

The architectural team meticulously integrated these colour themes throughout the clinic, ensuring that each new room not only served its functional purpose but also contributed to a harmonious and intuitive navigational experience. Entry to each consulting room is through a Trovex Hygidoor, leading into an interior that exemplifies cleanliness and brightness, fully clad in Diamond white. A feature wall in a designated colour and a Hygipod IPS hand wash basin, matching in finish, accentuate the thematic colour scheme, further aiding in wayfinding while also creating a welcoming and calming environment for patients.

Trovex product range

Trovex's commitment to versatility and hygiene is evident in its comprehensive product range, all available in a large colour spectrum. This uniformity in colour and finish is applied across various applications within the clinic, including fire-doors, Integrated Plumbing Systems (IPS), wall cladding and protection, and the vertical bed head trunking unit, Hygipod MSU. Such consistency not only enhances the aesthetic coherence of the spaces but also simplifies maintenance and cleaning processes.

Hygiene and maintenance

For the cleaning staff, the significance of the Trovex products' easily wipeable finish cannot be overstated. This feature is paramount in a healthcare setting, where maintaining high hygiene levels is crucial. The consistent, hygienic finish across the Trovex product family ensures that cleanliness standards are upheld throughout the clinic, contributing to the overall health and safety of both patients and staff.


The Parkway Health Clinic refurbishment project stands as a testament to the effectiveness of integrating functional, aesthetic, and hygienic design principles. Through the strategic use of Trovex's colourful and hygienic product solutions, the clinic has enhanced its wayfinding capabilities and overall environment, making it a more efficient and welcoming space for patients seeking care.