Looking for Trovex Washrooms?

2 years of the Innovations Centre


We are delighted to celebrate the second anniversary of our Innovations Centre, a state-of-the-art product demonstration area that showcases the Trovex product family.

The Innovations Centre, designed to be more than just a showroom, serves as a dynamic platform for presenting our unique product range, via Teams or Zoom. This includes the Hygidoor, Hygipod IPS, Diamond PVC wall cladding, Resilience PVC wall protection, Gallery printed PVC wall cladding, and the Hygipod Safe.

One product family, one hygienic finish

At Trovex, we are proud that all our products are finished in the same hygienic PVC, also available as wall cladding. This uniform finish is crucial in spaces prioritising hygiene and ease of cleaning– a primary concern for our clients.

The latest addition to our Innovations Centre is the Hygipod MSU, a modern alternative to bed head trunking, now complemented by the upcoming Hygipod MSU combined with Hygipod Vent. These additions reflect our commitment to innovation.

As a UK-based manufacturer, Trovex's strength lies in its consistency and quality. All our products, finished in the same Trovex PVC range of colours and finishes, including woodgrain, are designed for rapid installation, easy maintenance, and foremost, hygiene. Our design features, like minimised joins, flush vision panels on Hygidoor, and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, set us apart. We also take pride in our industry-leading lead times.

As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence, providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and the sectors we serve. Trovex remains dedicated to its mission of delivering hygienic, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solutions for all.

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